Tom Schneider

tom Schneider

Tom Schneider has had an obsession with learning about wildlife since long before he was of age to hunt. When he finally hit the legal age to hunt in Idaho, he didn’t waste any time and knocked down his first bull elk, and has been hooked ever since. The years of knowledge from his dad and his friends hunting and bugling bulls got passed down to him and his other siblings, giving them an edge early in their teenage years. With that knowledge and their family’s history in adapting to changing environments, Tom continues to harvest big bulls on public land with Over the Counter tags in regions that don’t have the “Big Bull” reputation. At 33 years of age, Tom has taken 21 bulls total out of the backcountry and has called in multiple elk for his family and friends. With this knowledge, he wants to share it with those who have a strong desire and passion to have consistent success and pull more elk off the mountain every year.